mary gauthierDefinition:

–adjective (in this song)

1. wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic: a vagabond tribe
2. leading an unsettled or carefree life

Artist: Mary Gauthier
Song: Prayer Without Words
Album: Mercy Now

—submitted by Rita Ramstad

5 cent synonyms:
carefree, bum, worthless

Interpretation of this 25 cent word in the song:
Being on the road is a hard life; you have to look at the beauty in everyday occurrences to find relief.

Packing vagabond visions and a dream drenched hunger for a home
Swaddled in road dirt, blood stained blankets and poems
On a stormy suitcase Sunday I awakened to the scream of the birds
They held their high notes and offered prayer without words
Sinking in asphalt, speechlessness and what coulda been
Surrounded by strangers, scarred stars, stoned broken men
Riding the narcotic night ’til she swerved and smashed into the curb
Morning spilled from the wreckage and offered prayer without words

Chains on the mast pull the past, nothing lasts but nothing ever ends
I leave town, break new ground, break down, leave town again
Trapped in the circle, anchored to the weight of the world
Under shooting stars that sink the skies and offer prayer without words

Justice rides with jaundiced eyes, jaded judges bleed the broken bench
Liberty’s a homicide, she been flogged to death with money’s monkey wrench
Desperado apostates set fire to every holy word we’ve heard
Silence billows from the burning book and offers prayer without words

Surrender, that sweet cleaning girl, folds white flags in Hallelujah Square
She can’t remember where she’s been, one day I’m gonna join her there
Unpack my battered traveling case, hang out a sign that says “Do Not Disturb”
Dissolve into a dreamless sleep that offers prayer without words

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